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Measure food waste

Eat Your Onions

Over four weeks, together with your family, measure how much food your household throws away.

From the four options below, choose your household's preferred way to measure avoidable food waste each week. This is food that could have been eaten but wasn’t. Don’t measure food you would never eat such as peels, bones and shells. Be sure to include food scraped off plates and from the fridge, counter and cabinets each day. 


  1. Take a picture or make an estimate, is it more, less or same as the week before? 

  2. How much does it weigh on a kitchen scale? 

  3. Using a large container, how full is it — quarter full, half or more? 

  4. Using a container with graduated measurements, how much wasted food is there? Graduated containers may be available to challengers who choose to measure volume — limited to one per household in participating jurisdictions. Request a container when you take the challenge.

Write the results on the Measurement Guide and post them on your fridge, and celebrate the progress. 

Household Food Waste Measurement

Click to download & print this

food waste pledge form and tracker.

Challenge Pledge Form and Waste Measurement Guide
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