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Shop with meals in mind

Eat Your Avocados

Make a list with meals in mind and buy no more than you expect to use.

Plan your meals

Make a meal plan each week. Plan for a “lazy night” where you eat out or eat up leftovers. Keep a running list of meals that your household enjoys. Try using the free Cozi app to keep track of your plans and lists.  


Shop at home first

Check your fridge, freezer and cupboards for any ingredients you already have before you go shopping. 


Stick to your plan

Make your shopping list based on your meal plan. Get a free meal planner and shopping list when you take the challenge. Include quantities on your shopping list to make sure you buy just what you need. Avoid packaged produce to control the amount of fruit and vegetables you buy.  



  • Shop more often and buy less each trip so your food
    is fresher.

  • Have a snack before you go to avoid impulse purchases.

  • Check the bulk section for dried goods and spices and
    buy only what you need.

  • Avoid two-for-one deals on fresh items you can't store

  • Plan your meals with ten easy steps by Save the Food

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Shopping List Builder
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